"Lucca in the time of timeless loves"

Interactive exhibition in the historic Villa Bottini. September 2019

 "Bewilderment, amazement and a touch of restlessness that merge in the reflection on one's own interior and push to look beyond the appearance and the visible. The interactive exhibition by Silvia Tuccimei a condensation of mystery and suggestions that allow the visitor to immerse themselves in a unique and unrepeatable atmosphere and to make a fantastic journey to discover the soul and the most secret part of each. Through an in-depth spiritual and identity research that invites us to ask ourselves who we are and where we come from and what is the essence of our life ".

 Description of the scene

It is accessed from a kind of small dark and mysterious stage that precedes a surreal stage, where the public is catapulted into another dimension, towards a dreamlike time. The scene that appears before the eyes arouses a certain disturbance, while the visitor becomes one with the installation consisting of a static element and one in movement " A sort of lovers' room, on whose walls there are paintings inspired by Ilaria del Carretto and her husband Paolo Guinigi and by Elisa and Filippo Baciocchi, lords of ancient Lucca. –

                                                                                         R. Lucchesi Il Tirreno

" FRom Ashes  to 

Titre 1

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